Collaboration Information

Department of Ophthalmology, Fourth Affiliated Hospital,

China Medical University




Department of Ophthalmology at Fourth Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University is one of the major eye centers in Northeast China, directed by Professor Zhang Jinsong, with expertise in the following 10 fields: cataract, excimer laser, retinal disease, glaucoma, orbit disease, cornea and ocular surface disease, pediatric strabismus and amblyopia, optometry, ocular trauma and neuro-ophthalmology.

The research group led by Professor Zhang Jinsong carry out basic and clinical researches about lens diseases and vision restoration, include 3 crucial research tasks: 1) Biological characters of lens epithelial cells, 2) Pathogenesis of cataract, 3) Cataract surgery and related technology of intraocular lenses.

Besides clinical work, we undertake research projects at international, nationalprovincial and ministrial levels, together with national and provincial continuing education programs. We are granted with 4.7 million RMB and  2 items have won 2nd Prize of Science and Technology Advancement in Liaoning Province, 2 items 3rd Prize of Education and Science Commission Advancement in Liaoning Province, 1 item 3rd prize of Science And Technology Advancement of Liaoning government, 1 item 3rd prize of Science And Technology Advancement in Shenyang Military Region.We have published 6 papers in source journals of SCI, 193 papers in Chinese core journals, and have presented 621 papers in international and national academic conferences. We also sponsored international meetings 5 times, and attended international meetings 40 person-times.


International Collaboration


Currently we are looking for international co-operation in following fields:


1.     Basic research of lens epithelial cell biological characters.

2.     Retinal pigmentosa epithelium transplantation.

3.     Therapy of age-related macular degeneration.

4.     Screening of children vision acuity.

5.     Massive training of phaco sugery.

6.     Intraocular contact lens training.

7.     Presbiopia treatment surgery.

8.    Clinical research of rigid gas permeable contact lens.





Professor Zhang, Jinsong is currently vice president of 4th Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University, the committee member of Chinese Medical Association and Chinese Ophthalmology  Society, Vice Director Of Cataract And Intraocular Lenses Division of  Chinese Ophthalmological Society, standing board member of Liaoning Province Society of Chinese Medical Association, chief Director of Liaoning Ophthamology Society of Chinese Medical Association, Director of Specialist Group For The Prevention of Blindness in Liaoning province, President of Cataract And Intraocular Lenses Division of  Liaoning Ophthalmological Society, Chairman of Chinese and Japanese Cornea Donation and Transplantation Association, Committee Member of Asian-Pacific Cataract Research Association, Member of American Ophthalmological Society, Member of American Cataract and Refractive Surgery Society, the Member of Editorial Committee of 8 national core journals including “Chinese Journal of Ophthalmology”, Chief of Department of Ophthalmology, China Medical University, Chief of Department of Ophthalmology, 4th Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University.

With respect to teaching and research, he has been working on the basic and clinical research of cataract and posterior capsule opacification. Altogether 119 doctors and masters of medicine have graduated. He also directed 1650 ophthalmology staffs during the national continuing education programs he hold. Meanwhile he took the International JICA Program and National Natural Science Foundation Program and research programs of provincial and ministerial level, granted with RMB 5 million research fundings. Seven projects won Science and Technology Achievement Prizes. He has offered 48 speeches and special lectures in national and international meetings, and published 130 articles in core journals and 7 special works.

He has won various prizes and titles, including special contribution award granted by International Intraocular Lenses Association, special award of World Cataract Doctor Association, National 100 Excellent Doctors Award, national advanced worker for rehabilitation of disabled person, Chinese Ophthalmologist Association Awards, and Government Special Allowance. As an ophthalmologist, he has gained great reputation in our country.

He Eye Care System


  •      He Eye Hospital was established in December 1995.
  •      It is the first not-for-profit, non-governmental eye hospital in China.


Service Scope

  • ophthalmic service
  •   optical service
  •  pharmaceutical service
  • education and training
  •  public eye care
  • ophthalmic research
  •  eye products development and manufacture



Provide comprehensive and high quality eye care services for covered population at affordable price.



  •  By developing the first eye center of excellence in China, provide comprehensive eye care services (primary, secondary, and tertiary) for more population.
  • Become a training center in northeastern China to provide comprehensive trainings for all kinds of eye care personnel.   Provide large volume, high quality, and low cost eye care services by ophthalmic products development and manufacture
  • Continuously improve the function of He Eye Care System to make it duplicable in other areas of China. Link with other eye care institutions in China and around the world under the framework of Vision 2020.



  • Start a model of outreach screening
  • Set up regional screening centers
  • Set up surgery and treatment centers
  • Set up training center

  Set up ophthalmic high-tech base for products manufacture



  •  He Eye Care System is managed by the Trustee Council of 13 members
  •      Chaired by Dr. He Wei


Plans in the next 5 years

  • The existing He College of Ophthalmology and Visual Science will be developed into a college which could accommodate 3000 to 5000 students.
  •  80 new vision centers will be set up
  •  3-5 new hospitals will be established
  •    Looking for international collaboration on gene diagnosis and gene therapy for inherited retinal diseases as well as stem cell research.


Need for Capacity Building

  • Surgical training
  • General ophthalmology/clinical training
  • Ophthalmology sub-specialty training
  •  Ophthalmic technician training
  • Ophthalmic nurse training 
  • Management training
  • Training in outreach/community engagement
  • Business planning/organization development
  • Development of training programs 
  • Development of research capability
  • Development of pricing systems   


Entities of He Eye Care System

  •  Shenyang He Eye Hospital
  •   Dalian He Eye Hospital
  • Huludao He Eye Hospital
  • Panjin He Eye Hospital
  •   He College of Ophthalmology and Visual Science
  •   He Postgraduate Institute of Ophthalmology and Visual Science
  •  He Bioengineering Company 
  •  Shenyang Silver Sea Medical Product Co. Ltd.
  •   Shenyang Pacific Medical Product Manufacture Co. Ltd.
  •  He Glasses Co. Ltd
  •   Shenyang Green Valley Bio-tech Industrial Co., Ltd.



  • Orbis International
  •   Lions Clubs International
  •  CBM
  •  Local organizations


Population we are serving

  • Shenyang He Eye Hospital:
  • Dalian He Eye Hospital: 5.52 million

       Huludao He Hospital: 2.69 million