Regular Members
These are the regular members of OCAVER with their contact information (email).



Baojian Fan, M.D, Ph.D

            Harvard Medical SchoolMassachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary,


            Research area: Glaucoma genetics

            Contact information: baojian_fan@meei.harvard.edu

                                              Telephone: (617) 573-6448

         LIANG Hong, M.D

UMS U872- équipe 17 Institut de recherché en biomédicale des Cordeliers, France

            Research area: Inflammation of ocular surface


                                     Toxicology of new eye drop

            Contact information: lianghongfr@yahoo.fr

                                              Telephone: 0033666941669

Hongwei ZhangMS, Ph.D Candidate

      Kirchhoff Institut fuer Physik, Universitaet Heidelberg,


         Research area: Adaptive Optics, Finite Element Modeling of Cornea

           Contact information:  hzhang@kip.uni-heidelberg.de 

                                               Telephone:  (+49)06221-54-9273

 Zi-Bing Jin,  M.D., Ph.D

             RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology

            Research area: Inherited eye disorders (Ophthalmic genetics),


            Retinal regeneration (ES cells)

            Contact information:  jin.zibing@gmail.com;


                                               Telephone:  +81-78-306-3305

Louis Tong, MBBS, FRCS, M.D

Singapore National Eye Center/Singapore Eye Research Institute,


Research area: Ocular Surface, transglutaminase, Dry eye

Contact information: Louis.tong.h.t@snec.com.sg

                                  Telephone: 65-98186221

H. Viet TRAN, M.D

Jules Gonin Eye HospitalUniversity of Lausanne,


Research area: Retina, Gene therapy

Contact information: snowmurai@yahoo.fr

                                  Telephone: +41 78 635 8852

Xiaohong Zhang, ph.D

The Centre for Vision Science & Vascular Biology, Queen's University of BelfastUK

Research area: Diabetic retinopathy

Contact information: xiaohong.zhang@qub.ac.uk

                                  Telephone: +44 28 9063 5068

Yuan Lei, BSc Pharmacology Ph.D Vision Sciences

Optometry and vision institute , Cardiff University,


            Research area: Glaucoma, retinal degeneration, ageing

Contact information: leiy@cardiff.ac.uk

                                  Telephone: 029 2087 6471

Wei Zhang, M.D, Ph.D

Yale University,


            Research area: Genetics of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

                                     Ocular Surface Homeostasis

                                     Corneal wound Healing

Contact information: wz73@email.med.yale.edu

                                  Telephone: 203-785-7573

Leping Li, M.D



Research area: Lens

Contact information: lepli@notes.cc.sunysb.edu

                                  Telephone: 631-444-9684

BingFen Liu, Ph.D

Brigham & Woman’s Hospital,


Research area: Protein modification in lens

Contact information: bfliu@rics.bwh.harvard.edu

                                  Telephone: 6172780557

Dingcai Cao, Ph.D

University of Chicago,


Research area: Color Vision, Rod & Cone Interaction in normal & people with retinal disease, Computational Neuroscience, Primate physiology

Contact information: d-cao@uchicago.edu

                                  Telephone: 773-7021987

Jingtai Cao, M.D, Ph.D

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Ins,


Research area: Ocular angiogenesis (Age-related Macular Degeneration, Diabetic

                        Retinopathy, Retinopathy of Prematurity, Corneal

                         neovascularization), inflammatory eye diseases, neuro-protection,

                         new drug discovery and delivery

Contact information: jingtai.cao@regeneron.com

                                  Telephone: 914-345-7473 

Yu Cao, Ph.D

Ohio State UniversityCollege of Medicine,


Research area: Retinal Physiology

Contact information: cao.45@osu.edu

                                 Telephone: 614-292-5412


Flinders Medical Centre,


            Research area: Neuro-Ophthalmology :

                                    1) Non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy

                                    2) Central retinal artery occlusion

Contact information: celiachen@bigpond.com

                                  Telephone: (08) 82044624

Robison Vernon Paul Chan, M.D

New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Weill Cornell Medical College,


            Research area: Retina, Retinopathy of Prematurity, Ocular Imaging and


            Contact information: rvpchan@aol.com

                                              Telephone: 212-746-4334

Lan Chang, M.D.

            Duke Eye CenterDuke Medical CenterDurham,


Research area: Ophthalmic genetics

Contact information: lanchang100@gmail.com

                                  Telephone: 734-645-2882

Danian Chen, Ph.D. , M.D.

      Toronto Western Res Institute,


      Research area: Retinoblastoma, retinal degeneration, retinal development,

      Contact information: danianchen@yahoo.com

                                        Telephone: 416-603-5800 ext 2628

Haoyu Chen, M.D

Moran Eye Center,


Research area: Ocular angiogenesis

                        Genetics of ocular disease

Contact information: chenhy1979@gmail.com

                     Telephone: 801-587-9482

Huiyi Chen, M.D, Ph.D

      Northwestern University School of Medicine,


      Research area: Retina, glaucoma, aging

      Contact information: huiyi-chen@northwestern.edu

                                        Telephone: 312-503-1070

John C. Chen, M.D, MBA

McGill University,


Research area: Clinical research, retina, macular degeneration, diabetic

                         retinopathy, angiogenesis

Contact information: john.chen@mcgill.ca

                                  Telephone: 514 285 8838

Zhuo Chen, M.D, Ph.D

University of Houston


Research area: Limbal stem cell, dry eye, gene therapy, physiology optics,


Contact information: lucychenzhuo@yahoo.com

                                  Telephone: 832-541-6214

Minghan Chen, Ph.D

University of Rochester,


Research area: Ophthalmic optics and devices

                         Customized soft contact lens

Contact information: mchen@cvs.rochester.edu

                                  Telephone: 585-273-3522

Qin Chen, M.D

University of Houston,


            Research area: Developmental Ophthalmology and Cancer Biology, including

                                     lens and retinal development, crystallin gene regulation,

                                     cataractogenesis, ocular cell cycle control, and retinoblastoma.

            Contact information: qin.chen@sbcglobal.net

                                              Telephone: 713-885-8269



Yutao Liu, M.D, Ph.D

      Center for Human Genetics, Duke University Medical Center,


      Research area: Human Genetics on Glaucoma

      Contact information: lytaochen@gmail.com

                                        Telephone: 919-684-6878

Haiying Cheng, Ph.D

Emory University.


Research area: Development and application of magnetic resonance imaging

                        (MRI) and optical techniques, including laser speckle imaging and

                         intrinsic optical imaging, to detect the anatomy and functional

                         activity changes in retina in the earlier period associated with

                         retinal degenerative diseases, including diabetic retinopathy, retina

                         gradual degeneration, age-related macular degeneration.

Contact information: hcheng4@emory.edu

                                  Telephone: 404-727-5541

Hong Cheng, M.D, Ph.D

      Kellogg Eye CenterUniversity of Michigan,


      Research area: Gene regulation of photoreceptor differentiation;

                               Identification of novel gene regulator in photoreceptor


      Contact information: chenghon@umich.edu

                                        Telephone: 734-972-1481

Victor Chong, M.D

      Oxford Eye Hospital / University of Oxford,


            Research area: Macular degeneration, Diabetic maculopathy, Matrix biology,

                                    Biomarkers in macular diseases, Retinal imaging and Laser

            Contact information: victor@eretina.org


Christopher Kai-Shun Leung, M.D, MB ChB

      The Chinese University of Hong Kong,

        Hong KongChina

       Research area: Glaucoma imaging

       Contact information: cksleung@gmail.com

                                         Telephone: 852 2762 3181

Jeffrey Yau Huei Chung, M.D., M.B.A.

      Cole Eye Institute, Cleveland Clinic Foundation,


      Research area: Ophthalmic and vitreoretinal surgical instruments and techniques

      Contact information: Vitrect@gmail.com

                                        Telephone: 216-212-1036

Cong Sun, M.D, MPH

      Centre for Eye Research AustraliaUniversity of Melbourne,


      Research area: retinal vessel and systemic diseases,

                              genetic epidemiology, twin study  

      Contact information: congs@unimelb.edu.au

                                        Telephone: +61 3 99298164

Dequan Chen, B. Sc, M. Sc&Ph.D

Mayo Clinic& Mayo Clinic College of Medicine,


Research area: Multi-disciplinary study of macular degeneration (M.D)

Contact information: chen.dequan@mayo.edu

                                  Telephone: (507) 284-2119

Yangcao, M.D, Ph.D

Xiehe HospitalTongji Medical UniversityHuazhong University of Science & TechnologyChina

      Research area: primary open angle glaucoma,

      Contact information: ytsao@sohu.com

                                        Telephone: 86013995637343

Elaine Chong, MBBS

      Centre for Eye Research Australia,


      Research area: Ophthalmic Epidemiology

      Contact information: e.chong2@pgrad.unimelb.edu.au

                                        Telephone: +61399298066

Eric Yan, Ph.D

Pfizer Inc,


Research area: Clinical statistics in ophthalmology

Contact information: eric.yan@pfizer.com

                                  Telephone: 858-622-7340

Shan Fan, M.D

      University Nebraska Medical Center,


      Research area: Glaucoma

      Contact information: sfan@unmc.edu

                                        Telephone: 402-559-3930

Wei Fan, M.D, Ph.D

      University of Louisville School of Medicine,


      Research area:  Retinal ischemia & Neuroprotection

                                     Age-related macular degeneration and ocular neovascularization

                                     Cell death/survival signaling pathway and gene network

            Contact information: wei.fan@louisville.edu

                                              Telephone: 502-852-3835 

Zhigang Fan, M.D, Ph.D

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterHarvard Medical School,


Research area: Regulatory T cell immunology

                        In vivo imaging of immune system

                        Optic nerve axon regeneration

Contact information: zfan@bidmc.harvard.edu

                                  Telephone: 617-667-0856

Vincent C. Fan,  M.D, MBA, MA, BA

      Mount Sinai School of Medicine,


      Research area: Cornea, Refractive Surgery, Dry Eyes

      Contact information: vincent.fan@mssm.edu

                                        Telephone: 212-241-8823

Chenya Fu, M.D

Shanxi Eye Hospital


Research area: Vitreoretinal surgery

                         Fundus diseases diagnose, treatment and research

Contact information: fu_chen_ya@yahoo.com or fuchenya@yahoo.com.cn

                                  Telephone: 86-351-3046600 Cell: 13403464858

Evelyn Fu, M.D

      Cole Eye Institute, Cleveland Clinic,


      Research area: Vitreoretinal diseases and surgery (clinician)

      Contact information: fue@ccf.org

                                        Telephone: 510-388-6812

Lijuan Fu, Ph.D

Keck School of Medicine of the USC,


Research area: Study of Retinal photoreceptors in health and disease and

                         light/dark gene regulation. Stem cell

Contact information: lfu@usc.edu

                                  Telephone: 3234426693

Yingbin Fu, Ph.D

University of Utah,


Research area: Phototransduction in rods, cones, and the intrinsically sensitively

                         retinal ganglion cells

Contact information: yingbin.fu@hsc.utah.edu

                                  Telephone: 801-213-3436

Gregory I. Liou, Ph.D

      Medical College of Georgia,


      Research area: Diabetes and related areas

      Contact information: giliou@mcg.edu

                                           Telephone: 706-721-4599

Naxin Guo, M.D, Ph.D

      URMC Eye institute, Box 659University of Rochester,


      Research area: Grave’s disease, orbital fibroblasts

      Contact information: naxin_guo@urmc.rochester.edu

                                        Telephone: 585-276-3851

Weimin Guo, M.D, Ph.D

      Tufts University,


      Research area: Cell Differentiation and Cell Cycle, Ubiquitin, and Proteolysis

                              Cytokines expression, Atherosclerosis and Cancer

      Contact information: weimin.guo@tufts.edu

                                        Telephone: 617-556-3229

H. Viet TRAN, M.D

      Jules Gonin Eye HospitalUniversity of LausanneSwitzerland

      Research area: Retina,

                              Gene Therapy

      Contact information: snowmurai@yahoo.fr

                                        Telephone: +41 78 635 8852

John Han, Pharm. D

ISTA Pharmaceuticals,


Research area:

Contact information: jhan@istavision.com

                                  Telephone: 949-789-3108

Yun Han, M.D, Ph.D

      Sirion Therapeutics Inc,


            Research area: Age-related macula degeneration, geographic atrophy,

                              retina biochemistry, visual cycle biochemistry      

      Contact information: rainingcloud@gmail.comyhan@siriontherapeutics.com

                                        Telephone: (858)875-9244  

Haogang Zhu, B.E, M.S, Ph.D

      Moorfields Eye Hospital,


      Research area: Retinal imaging, Perimetry, Probabilistic modeling and


     Contact information: haogangzhu@gmail.com

                                       Telephone: +44 7841203563

Jichang He, Ph.D

      The New England College of Optometry,


            Research area: Physiological optics of the eye; Wavefront aberrations;

                                    Accommodation Visual Acuity;  Color Vision

            Contact information: hej@neco.edu

                                              Telephone: 617-266-0203 ext 5278

Yu-Guang He, M.D, MS

      University of Texas Southwestern Medical School at Dallas,


      Research area: Retinal vascular disorders,

                              ocular immunology and age-related macular degenertation

      Contact information: yuguang.he@utsouthwestern.edu

                                        Telephone: (214) 648-3838

Song Hong, Ph.D

      LSUHSC - Neuroscience Center,


            Research area: Choroid Neovascularization; uveitis; AM.D; glaucoma;

                                     inflammation; lipid biochemistry; lipidomics; proteomics

            Contact information: shong@lsuhsc.eduhongsong119@yahoo.com

                                              Telephone: 504 599-0838 (O); 504 599 0335 (lab)

Zhenze (John) Hu, , B.S., M.S., Ph.D.,

Bausch & Lomb

           research area : Global R& Contact information: 1400 N Goodman St. Rochester, NY14609

          Email: zhu@bausch.com
                     Phone: (585)338-5952 


      Andrew JW Huang, M.D, M.DH

Washington University,


Research area: Corneal dystrophies, Ocular surface epithelium, Corneal


Contact information: huang088@umn.edu

                                  Telephone: pending

Jie Huang, Master

      Washington University in St. Louis,


            Research area: Lens development

                                    Optic cup development

                                    Eyelid development

            Contact information: huangj@vision.wustl.edu

                                              Telephone: 314-747-1588

Ke Huang, Ph.D

      Google Inc, USA

      Research area: I have research experience in computer algorithms for retinal

                              image processing with application (mainly) to computer aided

                             diabetic retinopathy screening. My collaborators include Dr.

                              Grunwald from the Scheie Eye Institute of University of

                              Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and Dr. Yan  from the Siemens

                              Corporate Research in New Jersey. Our results include: 4 peer-

                              reviewed research papers, 1 abstract (ARVO 2006, oral

                              presentation), 3 filed U.S. patents, 1 real-time software  run

                              on  personal computer.  My collaborators and I also have interests

                              in medical information system and other medical image processing


      Contact information: kehuang@gmail.com

                                        Telephone: 650-214-4620

Huang, Kun, Ph.D

      Ohio State University,


      Research area: biomedical image analysis (microscopy, MRI, OCT),

                              bioinformatics, computer vision, machine learning

      Contact information: kun.huang1@gmail.com

                                        Telephone: 614-292-5607

        Lijia Huang, M.D, MSc

      University of Alberta,


      Research area: Glaucoma, transcription factor, molecular biology

      Contact information: lijia@ualberta.ca

                                        Telephone: 780-492-3028

Xi Huang, M.D. and Ph.D

      Wayne State University School of Medicine,


            Research area: Ocular inflammation

                                    Keratitis, Corneal disease

            Contact information: xhuang@med.wayne.edu

                                              Telephone: 313-577-6157

Huawei Zhao, Ph.D

      Advanced Medical Optics,


            Research area: vision correction;

                              ophthalmologic lens design and development;

                              retinal imaging;

                              optical design and modeling;

                              wavefront sensing and adaptive optics;

                              optical testing, metrology, and standardization

      Contact information: huawei.zhao@amo-inc.com

                                        Telephone: 714-2478545

John Huang, M.D, MBA

      Columbia University,


      Research area: Retina

      Contact information: jch150@columbia.edu


Jane Huang, M.D

      Fukuoka University Department of Ophthalmology,


      Research area: Retina, Cornea, Glaucoma

      Contact information: mm950100@fat.coara.or.jp

                                        Telephone: 81-92-801-1011 ext:3475

Jiang Wu, Master in Medical Science

      Cole Eye Institute of Cleveland Clinic Foundation,


      Research area: a retinal electrophysiologist interested in animal models of disease.

                              I invented and validated the first workable direct-current

                              Electroretinogram (dc-ERG) recording system in the world and am

                              applying Electroretinogram (ERG) and dc-ERG to record the

                              electric response from Retina as well as Retinal Pigment

                              Epithelium (RPE) of experimental mice in studying a human

                              disease. My interests include the study of the Light Peak pathway

                              in Best Villiform Macular Dystrophy and Cellular basis of ERG


      Contact information: johnwooyy@yahoo.com

                                        Telephone: 216-4451941 (office)

Jiangtao Chen, Ph.D

      University of Waterloo,


      Research area: Corneal sensitivity

      Contact information: chenjiangtao@gmail.com

                                        Telephone: +1 519 888 4567

Jing Yang, Doctorate

      University of CaliforniaIrvine,


      Research area: Stem cell research

      Contact information: jyang22@uci.edu

                                        Telephone: 714-456-6467

 Jilin Zhou, M.D

      Columbia University,


      Research area: AM.D, cellular and molecular mechanism of AM.D, mainly in

                              oxidative damage from A2E and other lipofuscin

      Contact information: jz219@columbia.edu

                                        Telephone: 212-305-8919

Jiucheng He, M.D, Ph.D

LSU Eye Center&Neuroscience Center,


Research area: Cellular and molecular mechanisms of corneal wound healing and


                        Corneal myofibroblast biology;

                        Corneal angiogenesis

Contact information: jhe@lsuhsc.edu

                                  Telephone: 504-599-0890 (office); 504-343-2053 (home)

John C. Chen, M.D, MBA

McGill University,


Research area: Clinical research, retina, macular degeneration, diabetic



Contact information: john.chen@mcgill.ca

                                  Telephone: 514 285 8838

John Chen, M.D, BS

      Tufts New England Eye Center,


      Research area: Electrophysiology, Neuroophthalmology, Retina

      Contact information: jyc2001@gmail.com

                                        Telephone: 718-637-4689

Jun Yang, Ph.D

Harvard Medical School, Mass Eye&Ear Infirmary,


Research area: Retinal degeneration, retinitis pigmentasa, usher syndrome, cell

                         biology of photoreceptors

Contact information: jun_yang@meei.harvard.edu

                                  Telephone: 617 573 3618

Junping Chen, M.D, Ph.D

The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center,


Research area: Diabetic retinopathy;

                        Age-related macular degeneration;

                        Protein translocation in photoreceptor cells

Contact information: junping-chen@ouhsc.edu

                                  Telephone: 405-271-5896#47739

Sheng LimMB ChB M.D FRCOphth

      St Thomas’ Hospital,


      Research area: Glaucoma: Aqueous Dynamics & Glaucoma Aqueous Shunts


      Contact information: shenglim@gmail.com

                                        Telephone: +44 20 7188 2289

Kelvin Lee, MBBS(S’pore), MMED(S’pore)

      Singapore National Eye Centre,


      Research area: AM.D genetics, Glaucoma

      Contact information:  mjm_kcl@pacific.net.sg

                                         Telephone: 63228330

Wei Kong, M.D&Ph.D

      Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, University of Miami,


      Research area: Retina

      Contact information: wkong@med.miami.edu

                                        Telephone: 1-305-547-3721


Postdoc: Harvard University,

Assistant Professor: Purdue University,


Research area: Genomic analysis of zebrafish eye development

            Contact information: postdoc: yfleung@mcb.harvard.edu

                                  Assistant Professor: yfleung@purdue.edu

                                  Telephone: postdoc: 617-495-2599

                                                     Assistant Professor: (765) 494-4408

Li Chen, Ph.D

Advanced Medical Optics,


Research area: Retinal imaging with adaptive optics

                        Vision Correction

                        Physiological optics

Contact information: li.chen@amo-inc.com

                                  Telephone: 408-7737046

Chuan-Ming Li, Ph.D

University of Alabama at Birmingham,


Research area: Age-related macular degeneration

Contact information: cmli@uab.edu

                                  Telephone: (205)325-8633

 Li Guo, M.D, Ph.D

 Institute of OphthalmologyUniversity College London (UCL),


 Research area: Imaging retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) apoptosis in vivo in

                          glaucoma related models

                         Cellular mechanisms of glaucomatous retinal neuronal apoptosis, 

                          particularly Alzheimer protein beta-amyloid associated neuronal


                         Neuroprotective strategies on retinal neurodegenerative diseases

Contact information: l.guo@ucl.ac.uk

                                  Telephone: 0044 207 608 6821

Guorong Li, M.D., M.S

Duke Eye Center,


Research area: Glaucoma and Cataract_(mainly Stress related mechanism)

Contact information: guorong.li@duke.edu

                                  Telephone: 919-684-0551

Junping Li, M.D, Ph.D

Salem VA Medical CenterUniversity of Virginia,


Research area: glaucoma, cataract

Contact information: junping.li2@med.va.gov

                                  Telephone: 540-982-2463 EXT 2826

Li, Qiuhong, Ph.D

            University of Florida,


            Research area: Animal models for age-related degeneration, and diabetic


                                    Mechanisms of ocular angiogenesis

                                    Gene therapy for retinal diseases

            Contact information: qli@ufl.edu

                                              Telephone: 352-392-0747

LI, Winghong (Roger), BSc(Optom), Ph.D

University of California-Berkeley,


Research area: Amblyopia treatment, perceptual learning, hyperacuity, visual evoked potentials, clinical visual psychophysics, myopia control, visual aging, dynamic accommodation, spatial and pattern vision, modeling of visual processing

Contact information: oroger@berkeley.edu or orogerli@hotmail.com

                                  Telephone: 510-717-1817

Ruomei Li, Ph.D student

            Institute of Medical Biology, University of Tromsø,  


            Research area: AM.D;

                                    Choriocapillaris endothelial cells;

                                    Retinal pigment epithelial cells

            Contact information:  ruomei@fagmed.uit.no

                                               Telephone:  + 47 77645402

Shimin Li, Ph. D

University of CaliforniaSan Francisco,


            Research area: Ocular immunology, Dry eye diseases, and Cell biology of cornea

            epithelium. Studying the mechanism of squamous metaplasia causing

            pathological keratinization in ocular surface

            Contact information: shimin.li@ucsf.edu

                                              Telephone: (415) 476-0629

Tianqing Li, Ph.D

Stowers Institute for Medical Research,


Research area: the mechanisms of self-renewal and differentiation of retinal stem cells and their applications in treating eye disease models

Contact information: litq1976@yahoo.com

                                 Telephone: 816-926-4060

Wei Li, Ph.D

Bascom Palmer Eye Institute,


Research area: Autoimmune uveitis

                        RPE phagocytosis & retinal degeneration

Contact information: wli@med.miami.edu

                                  Telephone: 305-326-6445

Weiye  Li, M.D. Ph.D

Drexel University College of Medicine,


Research area: Pathogenesis of diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration

Contact information: weiye.li@drexelmed.edu

                                 Telephone: 215-762-3937

Ying  Li, Ph.D

Bascom Palmer Eye Institute,


Research area: Retinal Image Processing

Contact information: yli@med.miami.edu

                                  Telephone: 305-482-4375

Zhijie Li, M.D and Ph.D

Institution Baylor College of Medicine,


Research area: Ocular inflammation and immunology

Contact information: zhijielee@yahoo.com

                                  Telephone: 713-798-0325

Li Zhu, Ph.D

Acucela, Inc.


Research area: Retinal degenerative disease

Contact information: lizhu@acucela.com

                                  Telephone: 425-527-3260x120

Li, Zhuqing, M.D, Ph.D

National Eye Institute, NIH,


Research area: Clinical Immunology, translational research, clinical trials,

                         molecular and cellular immunology, autoimmune ocular diseases,

                         uveitis, autoimmune diseases

Contact information: liz@nei.nih.gov

                                  Telephone: 301-594-7429


UMS U872- équipe 17 Institut de recherché en biomédicale des Cordeliers, France

            Research area : Inflammation of ocular surface


                                     Toxicology of new eye drop

            Contact information: lianghongfr@yahoo.fr

                                              Telephone: 0033666941669

Liang Hu, Optometry Doctor

New England College of Optometry; Wenzhou Medical College,


Research area: Optometry, Refractive Surgery, Myopia, Contact lens

            Contact information: Jessehu578@hotmail.com

                                              Telephone: 857-9280752

Sha-Mei Liao, Ph.D



Research area: Immunology, Signal Transduction, AM.D

Contact information: sha-mei.liao@novartis.com

                                  Telephone: 617 871 4004

Sheng LimMB ChB M.D FRCOphth

St Thomas’ Hospital,


Research area: Glaucoma: Aqueous Dynamics & Glaucoma Aqueous Shunts development

Contact information: shenglim@gmail.com

                                  Telephone: +44 20 7188 2289

      Bin Lin, Ph.D

Massachusetts General Hospital,


Research area: The anatomy of the retina

Contact information: blin@helix.mgh.harvard.edu

                                  Telephone: 6177241649

 DIngbo Lin, Ph.D

Kansas State University,


            Research area: cataractogenesis

                         retinal degeneration

 Jun Lin, M.D, Ph.D

Yale University,


            Research area: Neurodegeneration and Neuroprotection in Glaucoma;

                           Glaucoma Genetics

Contact information: Jun.lin@yale.edu

                                  Telephone: 203 785 5687

  LIN LI, Ph.D

University of California, Berkeley,


Research area: Ocular diseases with particular emphasis on cataract research

Contact information: jjll8199@hotmail.com

                                  Telephone: 510-642-5138

 Ning Lin, O.D, M.D

Eye and Vision Central California,


Research area: cornea, glaucoma

Contact information: DrLin@ev-cc.com

                                 Telephone: 559-432-2332

 Yiji Lin, M.S

University of Houston,


Research area: Age-related macular degeneration

Contact information: Linyiji@yahoo.com

                                  Telephone: 713-743-2732

 Baoying Liu, M.D, Ph.D



Research area: clinical immunology

Contact information: liuba@nei.nih.gov

                                  Telephone: 301-594-5197

 Bin Liu, M.D, Ph.D

Northwestern University School of Medicine,


Research area: retina, glaucoma, aging

Contact information: b-liu@northwestern.edu

                                  Telephone: 312-503-1070

 Chia-Yang Liu, Ph.D

University of Cincinnati,


Research area: Mouse Model for Corneal Development and Diseases

Contact information: liucg@uc.edu

                                  Telephone: 513-558-0847

 Christopher LIU, BScHons MBBS DO FRCOphth

Sussex Eye Hospital,


Research area: keratoprosthesis, lens capsular behavior, cataract surgery

Contact information: cscliu@aol.com


David Liu, Ph.D

Laser Sight Technologies, Inc,


Research area: anterior diagnosis, corneal topography, wavefront analysis, measurement and laser vision correction

Contact information: dliu@lase.com

                                  Telephone: 407-678-9900 x188

 Hong Liu, M.D., ph.D

University of Nebraska Medical Center,


Research area: glaucoma

Contact information: hongliu@unmc.edu  liuhongzef@263.net

                                  Telephone: 402-559-3983

Jian Liu, Ph.D

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine,


            Research area: Retinal Neuroscience 

                                    Photoreceptors, bipolar cells, ganglion cells


            Contact information: liujian@mail.med.upenn.edu

                                  Telephone: 215-898-7536

Jun Liu, Ph.D

The Ohio State University,


Research area: Corneal biomechanics

                        Lens biomechanics


Contact information: liu.314@osu.edu

                                  Telephone: 614-217-8904

     Lance Liu, MBBS, FRANZCO



Research area: Angle closure glaucoma

                        Anterior segment imaging

Contact information: drlsiu@hotmail.com

                                  Telephone: 03 9929 8666

 Lei Liu, M.D

      Institute of Medical Science,


      Research area: Immunity of Murine Corneal graft

                              Herpes Simplex Keratitis

      Contact information: Lei.liu@abdn.ac.uk

                                        Telephone: 01224555950

     Yue (Maria) Liu, M.D.,O.D.,M.B.A

      University of California, Berkeley,


      Research area: Myopia, Emmetropization, Orthokeratology, Ocular Shape

      Contact information: marialiu@berkeley.edu

                                        Telephone: 510-643-4471

 Qiong Liu, Ph.D

      College of Optometry,


      Research area: Cornea

      Contact information: QLIU.2009@ALUMNI.OPT.UH.EDU


 Quan LIU, M.D. Ph.D

      University of CaliforniaSan Diego,


      Research area: Glaucoma, neuroprotection, Aging, antioxidant, calorie restriction

      Contact information: quliu@ucsd.edu

                                        Telephone: 858-534-7065

 Xuebin Liu, M.D., Ph.D

            National Eye Institute, NIH,


            Research area: Autoimmune diseases,


                                    Cytokine Signal Transduction

            Contact information: liuxue@nei.nih.govxuebonliu1969@yahoo.com

                                              Telephone: 301-435-2913

 Ake Tzu-Hui Lu, Ph.D

      Doheny Eye Institute, University of Southern California,


            Research area: Analysis of longitudinal and cluster correlated data,

                                     statistical genetics,

                                     statistics analysis in glaucoma

      Contact information: akelu@usc.edu

                                       Telephone: 323-442-6734

 Bin Lu, Ph.D, M.D

      Casey Eye Institution, Oregon Health and Science University,


            Research area: Cell based therapy for retinal degeneration diseases

            Contact information: lub@ohsu.edu

                                              Telephone: 5039494716

 Lu Chen, M.D, Ph.D
            University of California at Berkeley,

            Research area: Vision science

                                 lymphangiogenesis and angiogenesis

                                    Corneal inflammation and transplantation immunology

            Contact information: chenlu@berkeley.edu

                                              Telephone: 510-642-5076

 Fang Lu, M.D

Yale University, Schoool of Medicine,


Research area: Retina

Contact information: fang.lu@yale.edu

                                  Telephone: 203-737-2680

 Wenxin Ma, M.D. & Ph.D

      University of Alabama at Birmingham,


      Research area: Retinal Development

      Contact information: wenxin@uab.edu  or wenxinm@hotmail.com

                                        Telephone: 205-325-8657(O), 205-823-1817(H)

 Zhiwei Ma, M.D PH.D

      National eye institute /national institutes of health,


      Research area: genetics and protein function

      Contact information: mazh@nei.nih.gov


 Meidong Zhu, MBBS, MMed, Ph.D

      Sydney Eye Hospital Campus, University of Sydney,


            Research area:  Medical retina including diabetic macular edema, AM.D and

            macular telangietasia; Corneal disease and Eye Banking 

            Contact information: meidong@eye.usyd.edu.au

                                            Telephone: +61-2-9382 7286

 Michelle Yan, Ph.D

      Siemens Corporate Research,


      Research area: Computer vision,

                              medical image analysis,

                              computer aided diagnosis

      Contact information: michelle.yan@siemens.com

                                       Telephone: 609 734 3624



Shan Fan,  MD

Univ of Nebraska Medical Ctr
Omaha, NE

research area : Glaucoma

Contact information :Email: sfan@unmc.edu

                                           Phone: (402)559-3930 
                                           Fax: (402)559-5368 
Hua  Yang,  Ph.D,  M.D

      University of Washington in Seattle,


      Research area: Uveal melanoma

      Contact information: huayang100@yahoo.com

                                        Telephone:  404 778 4723 

 Hua Yang, M.D

State University of New York,


Research area: Ocular surface diseases and correlated with the receptor linkage to cell

                         signaling systems and their regulation in corneal proliferation and


Contact information: hyang@sunyopt.edu

                                  Telephone: 212-938-5887

 Jon Yang, M.D, MPH

      Cedars-Sinai Medical Center


      Research area: trachoma; retinoblastoma

      Contact information: jon.yang@cshs.org

                                        Telephone: 408-421-9215

Ying Xu, Ph.D

      University of Pennsylvania,


            Research area: Signal transduction  in ON-bipolar cells in retina;

                              Contrast sensitivity of ganglion cells and the contribution of

                              synaptic input

      Contact information: ying@retina.anatomy.upenn.edu

                                        Telephone: 215-898-7536

 Yirong Yang, Ph.D (expected fall of 2007), M.S

      University of Illinois at Chicago,


      Research area: wavefront sensing; light scatter; ophthalmic imaging; image

                              processing and analysis, pattern recognition, machine learning  for

                              diagnosing eye pathology

      Contact information: yangyirong@hotmail.com

                                        Telephone: 312-996-2335

 Youwen Zhang, M.D, Ph.D

      University of Arizona,


      Research area: AM.D, Glaucoma, Retinal degeneration. Phototransduction,

                              Channel, Ca2+, PH, ERG, Mouse model, RNAi

      Contact information: yzhang@eyes.arizona.edu

                                        Telephone: 520-626-0448

 Alice Yu, M.D



            Research area: Glaucoma,

                        Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Contact information: alice.yu_med.uni-muenchen.de

                                  Telephone: +49-89-51603811

 Yuan Lei, BSc Pharmacology Ph.D Vision Sciences

      Cardiff University,


            Research area: Glaucoma, retinal degeneration, ageing

            Contact information: leiy@cardiff.ac.uk

                                              Telephone: 029 2087 6471

 Yun  Wang, M.D

       Wills Eye Institute,


       Research area: Glaucomatous morphological study on optic nerve

       Contact information: zhaoyj75@yahoo.com

                                          Telephone: 717 829 5425

 Guilin Zhan, M.D

      University of Nebraska Medical Center,


            Research area: Glaucoma pharmacology, therapeutics and aqueous humor


Contact information: gzhan@unmc.edu

                                  Telephone: 402-559-2484

 Bin Zhang, Ph.D candidate

      Oklahoma UniversityHealth Science Center, \


      Research area: Angiogenic inhibitors: Using recombinant proteins or peptides

                              from identified inhibitor genes to prevent pathological

                              angiogenesis and vascular leakage in the retina and using peptides

                              to improve diabetic kidney diseases in animal models

      Contact information: bin-zhang@ouhsc.edu

                                        Telephone: 405-271-5896 #47791

 Zhang, Congxiao, Ph.D

      Office of scientific director/National Institute of Health,


      Research area: RPE cell biology, molecular biology of retina

      Contact information: zhangc@nei.nih.gov

                                        Telephone: 3014354570

 Hongwei ZhangMS, Ph.D   

      Kirchhoff Institut fuer Physik, Universitaet Heidelberg,


            Research area: Adaptive Optics, Finite Element Modeling of Cornea

            Contact information: hzhang@kip.uni-heidelberg.de

                                              Telephone: (+49)06221-54-9273

     Min Zhang, Ph.D

            University of Texas Medical Branch,


            Research area: Ophthalmological pathology and morphology

            Contact information: minzhang@utmb.edu

                                              Telephone: 409-747-1917

 Sarah Zhang, M.D

      University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center,


      Research area: Retina

      Contact information: xin-zhang@ouhsc.edu

                                        Telephone: 405-271-896 Ext47790

     Xin Zhang, Ph.D

            Indiana University School of Medicine,


            Research area: Eye development

            Contact information: xz4@iupui.edu

                                                Telephone: 317-274-1062

 Yan Zhang, Ph.D

      Creighton University,


      Research area: Cornea development, differentiation, and molecular mechanism;

                              Anterior segment development

      Contact information: yanzhang2@creighton.edu

                                        Telephone: 4022801803

 Yuntao Zhang, Ph.D

      Kansas State University,


      Research area: Corneal development and glycobiology

      Contact information: ytz@ksu.edu

                                        Telephone: 785-532-6553

 Yuyan_Zhang, M.D, Ph.D

      Huashan HospitalBostson University


      Research area: Glaucoma

      Contact information: zyy8688@yahoo.com.cn

                                        Telephone: 86-13162899051/ 1-617-820-1212

 Xinping C. Zhao, Ph.D

      University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston,


            Research area: Ocular Genetics

                                    Functional Genomics



                                    Anterior Eye Development and Diseases (including corneal

                                    dystrophy and glaucoma)

                              Model Animals: zebrafish and mouse

      Contact information: Xinping.Zhao@uth.tmc.edu

                                        Telephone: 713-500-5987

 Zhenhua Xu, Ph.D

      Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins University,


      Research area: Retinal Angiogenesis

      Contact information: zxu6@jhmi.edu

                                        Telephone: 410-502-2938

 Zhong Wang, Ph.D

      Daroff-Dell’Osso Ocular Motility Laboratory, Louis Stokes Cleveland

      Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center,


            Research area: Eye movement

                                    Congenital Nystagmus

                                    Extraocular muscle surgery evaluation

                              Ocular motor system modeling

      Contact information: zxw17@case.edu

                                        Telephone: (216) 7913800-5222

 Zhou An, Ph.D

Legacy Research,


Research area: Biosynthesis of neuropeptide and retina disorders

                        Proteomics of stressed neurons

Contact information: azhou@downeurobiology.org

                                  Telephone: 503-413-5410

 Qienyuan Zhou, Ph.D

Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc,


Research area: Ophthalmic instrumentation and clinical applications

Contact information: q.zhou@meditec.zeiss.com

                                  Telephone: 858-716-0678

 Zimei Zhou, Master in Ophthalmology

      Wayne State University,


      Research area: bacterial keratitis

      Contact information: zzhou@med.wayne.edu

                                        Telephone: 313-806-4167

 Yanli Zhu, M.D., M.Sc.

      Washington University , School of MedicineSt. Louis,


            Research area: Ischemic neuroprotection of  retina by "preconditioning" with

                                    sublethal hypoxia;

                                    Inflammatory and oxidative mechanisms of vascular dysfunction

                                    and injury in retina in response to ischemia

           Contact information: lilind@yahoo.com

                                             Telephone: (314) 324-0358 (cell)

 Wenjuan Zhuang, Master

      Affiliated Hospital of Ningxia Medical University,


            Research area: Refractive surgery

                                    ocular surface of disease

                              hereditary  retinal disease

      Contact information: zh_wenj@yahoo.com

                                        Telephone: 86-0951-6743251

 Zi-Bing Jin, M.D, Ph.D

RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology,


Research area: Inherited eye disorders (Ophthalmic genetics),

                        Retinal regeneration (ES cells)

            Contact information: jin.zibing@gmail.comjinzb@cdb.riken.jp

                                              Telephone: +81-78-306-3305

 Zili Zhang, M.D, Ph.D

      Oregon Health & Science University,


      Research area: T cell and IL-17 in uveitis

      Contact information: zhangzi@ohsu.edu

                                        Telephone: 503-494-8188

 Zoe Chen, M.D

TargeGen Inc.


Research area: Topical therapeutics for ocular angiogenic and inflammatory


Contact information: chen@targegen.com

                                  Telephone: 858-964-2175

 Xun Sun, Ph.D, MSc

      Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary,


      Research area: Molecular Genetics and Molecular Pathology

      Contact information: Xun_sun@meei.harvard.edu

                                        Telephone: 617-573-3614

 Hua Zhu, Ph.D

            Institute for Eye Research

            School of Optometry and Vision Science

            University of New South Wales,


            Research area: The etiology of contact lens related corneal infection and  


                                     The virulence factors of causative pathogens (i.e. Pseudomonas

                                     aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus) in corneal infection; 

                                     Identification and development of novel antimicrobial agents in

                                     biomaterial surfaces, such as contact lenses and catheters.

            Contact information: h.zhu@ier.org.au

                                              Telephone: +61 2 9385 7536

    Jiejin Chen, Ph.D

            Massachusetts Institute of Technology,


            Research area: Lens crystallin protein stability, folding, unfolding and


            Contact information: Jiejinc@mit.edu

                                              Telephone: 617-252-1876

     Jinsong Ni, Ph.D



            Research area: Back-of-eye diseases, glaucoma, cataract, dry eye

            Contact information: bingleng88@gmail.com

                                              Telephone: 1-949-395-2174

     Ling Huang, OD, Ph.D

            Advanced Medical Optics, Inc.


            Research area: corneal wound healing, and inflammation

            Contact information: ling.huang@amo-inc.com

                                              Telephone: 714-247-8717

    Ming Yuan, Master

            Northwestern University,


            Research area: Aging; Retina

            Contact information: m-yuan@northwestern.edu

                                              Telephone: 312-503-1069

     Ning CHEUNG, MBBS, BMedSci, MMed

            Centre for Eye Research AustraliaUniversity of Melbourne,


            Research area: Vascular Diseases, Retinal Vascular Imaging to Predict Risk of

                                    Cardiovascular and Ocular Diseases, Epidemiology, Diabetes  

            Contact information: dannycheung@hotmail.com

                                              Telephone: +613 9929 8429

     Qin Yan, Ph.D

            University of Nebraska Medical Center,


            Research area: Signaling transduction pathways and their relationship with eye


                                    Protein phosphatases and the dephosphorylation regulation of

                                     some target proteins in the development and differentiation of lens

            Contact information: yanqin217@126.com

                                              Telephone: 402-559-5074

     Qing Chang, M.D.,Ph.D

            Washington University in St. Louis,


            Research area: Genetic and molecular pathogenesis of glaucoma

                                    Diabetic eye diseases

                                    Molecular  imaging

            Contact information: chang@wustl.edu

                                              Telephone: 314-362-6100 (w)

     Qiong Wang, Ph.D

            Baylor College of Medicine,


            Research area: Phototransduction in rods

            Contact information: qw139910@bcm.edu


     Rong Li, Ph.D

            National Eye Institute,


            Research area: Retinal physiology

                                    Choroidal neovascularization

            Contact information: liro@nei.nih.gov

                                              Telephone: 301-435-5123

     Shaohui Liu, M.D,  Ph.D

            Schepens Eye Research Institute,


            Research area: Ocular surface, meibomian gland

            Contact information: liushaohui918@hotmail.com

                                              Telephone: 617 912 0270

    Xiaohai Shi, Ph.D

            Johns Hopkins University,


            Research area: Glaucoma

            Contact information: shi@kennedykrieger.org

                                              Telephone: 443 923 2676

     Shufan Wang, Ph.D

            Northwestern University,


            Research area: Astrocytes in the optic nerve head in both normal and

                                    glaucomatous patients;

                                    Electrophysiology in the retina

            Contact information: s-wang8@northwestern.edu

                                              Telephone: 1-312-503-1067

     Shunjiang Xu, Ph.D, M.D

            Vision CRC Limited, Institute for Eye research Limited, UNSW,


            Research area: Corneal wound healing and Dry Eye

            Contact information: S.Xu@ier.org.au

                                              Telephone: +61 2 9385 6169

    Deming Sun, M.D

            University of Louisville,


            Research area: Immunology

            Contact information: d0sun001@louisville.edu

                                              Telephone: 502-314-5133

    Yan  Sun, M.D

            Case Western Reserve University,


            Research area: Keratitis

            Contact information: yxs38@po.cwru.edu

                                              Telephone: 216-3685885

     Daxin Tang, Ph.D

            University of Louisville,


            Research area: Drug delivery; Cataract; Calcium ATPase

            Contact information: d0tang01@louisville.edu

                                              Telephone: 502-852-1314

     Yongming Tang, Ph.D

            Cedars Sinai Medical Center,


            Research area: Keratoconus disease causing genes,

                                    Molecular marker for KC early detection,

                                    Corneal stem cell, a potential approach to curl keratoconus

            Contact information: Tangg@cshs.org

                                              Telephone: (310) 423 7670

     Liping Tang, Ph.D

            University of Texas at Arlington,


            Research area: Drug delivery, stem cell therapy, tissue engineering

            Contact information: ltang@uta.edu

                                              Telephone: 817-272-6075


            Centre for Eye Research AustraliaUniversity of Melbourne,


            Research area: Retinal Vascular Diseases, Retinal Vascular Imaging to Predict

                                    Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases, Ophthalmology, Epidemiology,


            Contact information: twong@unimelb.edu.au

                                              Telephone: +613 9929 8429

    Danyi Wang, M.D, Ph.D

            Harvard Medical SchoolMassachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary,


            Research area: Glaucoma and retinal ganglion cells

            Contact information: wangdanyi@yahoo.com

                                              Telephone: (617) 573-6446

      Gaofeng Wang, Ph.D

            University of Miami Miller School of Medicine,


            Research area: Molecular genetics of age-related macular degeneration

            Contact information: gwang@med.miami.edu

         Ping Yang, M.D, Ph.D

Duke University Eye Center,


            Research area: Retinal cell biology, retina molecular biology, retina immunology

                                    and histochemistry

Contact information: yang0021@mc.duke.edu

                                  Telephone: 919-684-8723

                                        Telephone: 305-243-5434


      Han Wang, BS MS Ph.D

            University of Oklahoma,


            Research area: Retinal development, and retinal circadian

            Contact information: hwang@ou.edu

                                              Telephone: 405-3259324

     Mingwu Wang, M.D, Ph.D

            Doheny Eye Institute, Opthalmology/LAC-USC


            Research area: Ophthalmic application of OCT;

                                    Gene therapy;

                                    Retina transplantation

            Contact information: mingwuwang@hotmail.com

                                              Telephone: 323-226-5232

     Steven W. Wang, Ph.D

            University of Texas Houston Medical School,


            Research area: Retina Development,

                                    Molecular regulation of retinal cell type formation

            Contact information: Steven.Wang@uth.tmc.edu

                                              Telephone: (713) 500-5985

    Xiaoli Wang, M.D.   Ph.D

            James Grahams Brown Cancer Center,


            Research area: mechanism  and therapy of tumors

            Contact information: x0wang20@louisville.edu

                                              Telephone: 502-852-3685

     Wei LIU, Ph.D

            St Jude Children’s Research Hosp,


            Research area: genetic control of mammalian early eye development

            Contact information: wliu!428@yahoo.com

                                              Telephone: 901-495-2705

    Wentao Deng, Ph.D

            College of MedicineUniversity of Florida,


            Research area: AAV-mediated gene therapy on various retinal diseases including

                                     inherited recessive and dominate forms and retinopathy

            Contact information: wdeng@ufl.edu

                                              Telephone: 352-846-2913

    Wenwei Zhong, M.D, MS

            Oregon Health & Science University,


            Research area; T cell and IL-17 in uveitis

            Contact information: zhongw@ohsu.edu

                                              Telephone: 503-494-5070

    Wenzheng Hu, M.D, Ph.D

            Indiana University School of Medicine,


            Research area: The molecular and cellular mechanisms of retinal and choroidal


                                     Inhibition  of retinal and choroidal neovascularization

            Contact information: whu@iupui.edu

                                              Telephone: (317) 274-9907  

    Jungmin Woo, M.D

            Dong-A university  hospital,


            Research area: Ocular blood flow


                                    Atomic forced microscopy

            Contact information: wooojm@gmail.com

                                              Telephone: 82-11-734-3602

    Albert Ya-Po Wu, M.D, Ph.D

            Moran Eye CenterUniversity of Utah,


            Research area: Eyelid repair

                                    Diabetic Retinopathy

                                    Visual Transduction

            Contact information: albert.wu@hsc.utah.edu

                                              Telephone: 801-581-2352

    Li Wu, M.D., M.Sc

            Columbia University,


            Research area: Neuroprotection in glaucoma

                                    Light-induced retinal degeneration

                                    Animal models in glaucoma, retina and RPE damage

            Contact information: lw403@columbia.edu

                                              Telephone: 212-342-1849

    Xiangrun Huang, Ph.D

            Bascom Palm Eye Institute,


            Research area: Optical properties of and imaging technologies for retinal nerve

                                     fiber layer;

                                     Non-invasive imaging diagnosis of ocular diseases;

                                     Imaging of retinal nerve fiber layer and optic nerve head for


            Contact information: xhuang3@med.miami.edu

                                              Telephone: 305-482-4115

     Xiaofei Fan, Master

            University of Missouri-Columbia,


            Research area: Pupillary light reflex

            Contact information: xf96c@mizzou.edu

                                              Telephone: 573-529-6480

    Xiaohong Zhang, Ph.D

            The Centre for Vision Science & Vascular Biology

            Queen's University of Belfast,


            Research area: Diabetic retinopathy

            Contact information: xiaohong.zhang@qub.ac.uk

                                              Telephone: +44 28 9063 5068

    Xiaoyan Li (Joanne), M.D



            Research area: Clinical trials in retina diseases and glaucoma

            Contact information: li_joanne@allergan.com

                                              Telephone: 714-246- 6887

     Bing Xie, M.D, Ph.D

            Wilmer Eye Institute,


            Research area: AM.D, Retina NV

            Contact information: bingxie1@gmail.com

                                              Telephone: 410-955-4103

    Jihong XieMS in Vision Science, B.S in Optical Engineering

            VISTAKON, Division of Johnson Johnson  Vision Care Inc,


            Research area: Optical  design ,  modeling and metrology development  for

                                     contact lens and IOLs

            Contact information: jxie6@visus.jnj.com

                                              Telephone: (904)4433388

    John Zhong Xie, B.S. M.D-Ph.D

            Doheny Retina Institute,


            Research area: Study functionality of intraocular retinal prosthesis in vivo using

        functional imaging such as PET;

        Visual cortical activation resulting from electrical retinal


        Cortical plasticity; cross-modal remodeling in brain. 

            Contact information: jianxie@usc.edu

                                              Telephone: 626-297-3055

    Xinhua Shu, Ph.D

            MRC Human Genetics Unit,


            Research area: Retinal degeneration

            Contact information: Xinhua.Shu@hgu.mrc.ac.uk

                                              Telephone: 44 131 332 2471

     Heping Xu, M.D, Ph.D

            University of Aberdeen, Institute of Medical Sciences,


            Research area: Ocular immunology;

                                     Pathogenesis of uveoretinitis;

                                     Immuno-pathogenesis of Age-related macular degeneration

            Contact information: h.xu@abdn.ac.uk

                                              Telephone: 44-1224 555822

     Juan Xu, Ph.D

            UPMC Eye CenterUniversity of Pittsburgh School of Medicine,


            Research area: Glaucoma study, stereo disc photo study

                                    OCT study

            Contact information: xuj3@upmc.edu

                                              Telephone: 412-647-533


     Siyi Xu, M.D

            SUNY, College of Optometry,


            Research area: Gap junction_in corneal and lens epithelium

            Contact information: xsiyi@sunyopt.edu

                                              Telephone: 212-938-5774

     Xun Sun, Ph.D, MSc

            Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary,


            Research area: Molecular Genetics and Molecular Pathology

            Contact information: Xun_sun@meei.harvard.edu

                                              Telephone: 617-573-3614

    Xuxiang Zhang, M.D&Ph.D

        Xuwu Hospital of Capital Medical University


            Research area: Neuronal Stem Cell

      Clinical Optic nerve Disease

            Contact information: zhang_xuxiang@hotmail.com

                                              Telephone: 86-10-83548256

     Michelle Yan, Ph.D

            Siemens Corporate Research,


            Research area: Computer vision, medical image analysis, computer aided


            Contact information: michelle.yan@siemens.com

                                              Telephone: 609 734 3624

    Hua Yang, Ph.D, M.D

University of Washington,


Research area: Uveal melanoma

Contact information: huayang100@yahoo.com

                                  Telephone: 404-778-4723

 Yang Liu, Ph.D

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


            Research area: Discovery and development of therapeutic medicine for the

                         treatment of ocular angiogenesis diseases and inflammation,

                         including age-related macular degeneration (AM.D), diabetic

                         retinopathy, uveitis, and corneal neovascularization.

Contact information: yang.liu@regeneron.com

                                              Telephone: 914-345 7753

    Jinzhong Zhang, Ph.D

            Principal Scientist

            Interim Head of Vision Care Preclinical Research

            Global Preclinical Development, R&D

            Bausch & Lomb,


            Research area: Diabetic retinopathy; inflammation; angiogenesis; vision care

            Contact information: jinzhong_zhang@bausch.com

                                              Telephone: 585 338 6238

    Zhenyu Zhou, M.D Ph.D

            New York Medical College,


            Research area: Synaptic Plasticity,__Presynaptic Mechanisms

            Contact information: zhenyu_zhou@nymc.edu

                                              Telephone: 914-594-3152

    Zhuo-Hua Pan, Ph.D

            Wayne State University School of Medicine,


            Research area: Visual information processing in the retina;

                                    Gene therapy for treatments of blinding retinal degeneration.

            Contact information: zhpan@med.wayne.edu

                                              Telephone: 3135779830

Xiaohua Li, Ph.D, M.D

        Doheny Eye Institute, research fellow from Henan Eye Institute, China


        Research area: Ocular pathology

        Contact information: xiaohuali66@yahoo.com

                                          Telephone: 626-226-9938 (cell phone)

                                                             86-371-65580390 (China)

Gourui Dou, MD. Ph.D

        Doheny Eye Institute


        Research area: age-related macular degeneration and PVR

        Contact information: gdou@doheny.org

                                          Telephone: 323-442-6621

    Jing Xu,Ph.D  
USC/Doheny Eye Inst

            Research area:  Age-related macular degeneration, RPE, CNV

           Contact infroamtion: Email: jingx@usc.edu

                               Phone: (323)442-6679 
                               Fax: (323)442-6688 

       Ruihua WeiMD

Doheny Eye Institute


 Research area: Cornea and Refractive surgery

Contact information: weirhua@yahoo.com

                           Phone: 323-442-6611

                           Fax: 323-442-6688       

Jing HuaMD

University of Bristol


Research area: Ocular angiogenesis

Contact information: jing.hua@bristol.ac.uk

                                     Phone: 00441179288368

                                    Fax: 00441179288151

       Anita Chan, MBBS,FRCS,FAMS

Singapore National Eye Institute


Research area: Uveitis, pathology

                Contact information: anita.chan.s.y@snec.com.sg

                                                   Phone: 626-636-7751

      Heping Xu, MD, PhD

Senior Lecturer

Centre for Vision & Vascular Science

School of Medicine, Dentistry & Biomedical Science

Queen's University Belfast

Institute of Clinical Science, Block A

Grosvenor Road

Belfast BT12 6BA

': 028 90 633615

6: 028 90 632699

Email: heping.xu@qub.ac.uk  





    Chen Zhao  MD PhD
    Section: RE

    Stanford University School of Medicine
    300 Pasteur Dr Lane Bldg L305
    Stanford, CA,94305
    Phone: (650)723-3338 
    Email: zhaochen@stanford.edu

Zhuo-Hua Pan  Ph.D
        Department: Anatomy and Cell Biology, Wayne State University School of Medicine, 540 E Canfield Ave., Scott Hall 8360 Detroit, MI 48201
        Fax: 313-577-3125 Telephone: 313-577-9830            
        E-mail: zhpan@med.wayne.edu
        Area of Research: Retinal information processing; Gene therapy for vision restoration
Ning Tian M.D., Ph.D.
        Department: Ophthalmology, University of Utah, 65 Mario Capecchi Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah 84132
        Fax: 801-587-8314, Telephone: 801-213-2852
        E-mail: ning.tian@hsc.utah.edu
        Area of Research: Development of retina, Synaptic plasticity
Jingsheng Tuo, PhD
        Department of immunology, National Eye Institute, USA, 10/10N103, 9000 Rockville pike Bethesda, MD 20892
        Telephone: 31-4354577
        E-mail: tuoj@nei.nih.gov 
        Area of Research: Retinal disease, genetic epidemiology, animal model of AMD

Jing Wu, PhD
       Doheny eye institue, 1355 San Pablo Street, Los Angeles, California 90033
       Telephone: 626-476-7247; 13316170098 (china)
       E-mail: JWu@doheny.org; twujing@jnu.edu.cn
       Area of Research: cornea endothelial cell, cornea tissue engineering, stem cells of cornea

Ling-Ing Lau, MD PhD
Doheny eye institue, 1355 San Pablo Street, Los Angeles, California 90033

       Telephone: 626-623-0939; +886-2-28757325 
       E-mail: LLAU@doheny.org; LELIEW@vghtpe.gov.tw
       Area of Research: AMD, RPE

Jie Sun, MD PhD, MPH
Doheny eye institue, 1000 South Fremont Avenue, Suite 220, Alhambra, CA 91803

       Telephone: 617-792-5157 
       E-mail: jiesun@usc.edu
       Area of Research: Eye surface diseases, Glaucoma, Ocular plastics

Gangwei Cheng, MD PhD
Doheny eye institue, 1450 SanPablo St.LA, Los Angeles, CA, 90033
       Telephone: (858) 7173979
       E-mail: gangweic@163.com
       Area of Research: Imaging Reading/clinical Diagnosis/Population based POAG study/Basic research of Anti-fibrosis
Ying Hu, MD PhD
      Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 777 Old Saw Mill River Road, Tarrytown, NY10591-6707
      Telephone: 9148475561;   Fax:9143457393
      E-mail: ying.Hu@regeneron.com
      Area of Research: Glaucoma, Neuroprotection, Neural regeneration
Yingbin Fu, PhD
       Moran Eye Center, University of Utah, USA 

       Telephone: 801-213-3436


Hong Liu, MD PhD
      EENT Hospital Fudan University, 19 Bao Qing Road, Shanghai, P.R. China, 200031
      Telephone: 86-15026657385 
      E-mail: Liuhongzef@263.com
      Area of Research: Strabismus, Amblyopia and Optometry
Gui-shuang Ying, MD PhD
      Scheie eye Institute, University of pennsylvania, 3535 Market Street, suite 700, Philadelphia, PA 19104
      Telephone: 215-615-1514; Fax:215-615-1531
      E-mail: gsying@mail.med.upenn.edu 
      Area of Research: Clinical Trials, Ophthalmic Epidemiology and Biostatistics,  _retinal diseases (age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, prematurity of retinopathy) myopia, glaucoma, vision screening._Prediction models in Ophthalmology
Tan Ngan Meng, Beng (UNSW)
      Computer Vision & Image Understanding, Institute for Infocomm Research, A*STAR, Singapore, 1 Fusionopolis Way, #21-01 connexis South Tower, Singapore 138632
      Telephone: (65)408 2489; Fax (65) 6776 1378
      E-mail: nmtan@i2r.a-star.edu.sg
      Area of Research: Retinal Imaging, cornea, glaucoma, AMD, pathological Myopia
Jie Zhu, PhD
      Zoology Department, Miami University Oxford, Ohio, 45056  
      Telephone: 513-722-6107
      E-mail: zhuj@muohio.edu]
      Area of Research: retina development and regeneration
Wei Wei, PhD
      University of Chicago, 947 E 58th St, MC 0928, AB302, Chicago, IL, USA. 60637
      Telephone: 773 702 2016; Fax: 773 702 3774
      E-mail: weiw@uchicago.edu
      Area of Research: Neural circuits in the mouse retina   
PANG Chi Pui Calvin, BSc, PhD
    The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Eye Hospital, 147K Argyle Street, Kowloon, HONG KONG
    Telephone: 852 3943 5816
    E-mail: cppang@cuhk.edu.hk
    Area of Research: Glaucoma, AMD, Myopia, congenital cataracts, Stem cells, Toxicity, herbal medicine and bioactive molecules

Jie Jin Wang, MBBS, MMed (Ophth Path, Clin Epi), PhD, MApplStat

Westmead Hospital, Hawkesbury Road

City, State, Country, Zip:

Westmead, NSW 2145 Australia

       Telephone: 61 2 945 50

Area of Research: ophthalmic epidemiology, visual impairment, age-related macular degeneration, age-related cataract, retinopathy, retinal vascular changes 
         Chairman and Vice President, Eye Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Science, No33 Lugu Road, Beijing China 100040
         Telephone: +86 13466782818     +86 1068687788-5521
         E-mail: Bjxielike@sina.com
Area of Research: vitreoretinal disease
Zhu Hong Yuan MBBS, PhD
        Singapore Eye Research Institute, 11 Third Hospital Avenue, Singapore 168751
        Telephone: 65-63224558, Fax: 65-63224599
        E-mail: zhu.hong;yuan@seri.com.sg
        Area of Research: fibrosis, diabetic
Hou AiHua, PhD,
          Ocular Surface Research Group, Singapore eye Research Institute, 11 Third Hospital Avenue, Singapore
          Telephone: 65-63224558, Fax: 65-63224599
          E-mail: hou.aihua@seri.com.sg
          Area of Research: Pterygium, Transglutaminase 2 (TG2), Cornea wound healing

Xiaopeng Wang,Ph.D

Doheny Eye Institue, 1355 San Pablo ST. Los Angeles, CA 90033

Email : xwang@doheny.org

Gangjun Liu PH.D, Assistant Professor

Oregon Health and Science University, 3375 SW Terwillinger Blvd, Portland, OR, 97239

Tel: 503-494-1616 E-mail: liga@ohsu.edu

 Area of Research __ Optical imaging, Optical coherence tomography                           

Yali JiaPhD, Research Assistant Professor

Casey Eye Institute,  Oregon Health & Science University, 3375 SW Terwilliger Blvd, Portland, OR, 97229, USA

Fax: (503)494-6864, Tel:(503)494-1053,  E-mail: jiaya@ohsu.edu_

Area of Research: OCT angiography of Posterior segment

Ou Tan  PhD

Casey Eye Institute, Oregon Health and Science Univdersity, 3375 SW Terwilliger Blvd, Portland, OR, USA

Tel: 503-494-9436, E-mail:tano@ohsu.edu

Area of Research: Structural and functional optical coherence tomography, medial image analysis, Glaucoma, Retinal circulation, retinopathy

Liang Liu, MD


Fax:503-494-3000 Tel:971-998-7728, E-mail:LIUL@OHSU.EDU


Hongwei Zhang, PhD


Manager, Statistics and Theory, Clinical Research, R&D,

Bausch+Lomb Technolas, Messerschmittstr.1+3, 80992 Muenchen, Germany

 Phone +49-89-94004 - 169, Fax     +49-89-94004 - 3001, Mobile +49-174-3494097, 

E-mail:  Hongwei.Zhang@bausch.com;      


Fu-Shen Yu, MD.
Department of Ophthalmology, Professor and Director of Research

Wayne State University School of Medicine

4717 St. Antoine, Room K417, Detroit, MI 48201,

USA E-mail: av3899@wayne.edu

Area of Research: ocular innate immunity; corneal wound healing and sensory nerve regeneration

Xiaoliang Xu, PHD/MD
Senior Scientist, Department Surgery, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
410 E 69th Street, Z445B; New York, NY 10021, USA___________________
Telephone ___212-920-4781, E-mail address ___xux2@mskcc.org____ __________________________
Area of Research ___Retinoblastoma, Sarcoma

 Rong Shisong  荣世松 : MD, PhD


Title: Research Fellow in Ophthalmology,

Co-chair of the Seminars & Forums Committee of the Massachusetts General Hospital Chinese Scientists & Staff Association


Department: Ophthalmology


Institution: Department of Ophthalmology, Massachusetts Eye and Ear / Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Street: 243 Charles Street

City, State, Country, Zip: Boston, MA, USA, 02114

Fax: Nil      Telephone: +1-617-606-0735

E-mail address: Shisong_Rong@meei.harvard.edu


Area of Research:

Ocular genomics

Functional annotation of eye disease-associated genes

Evidence-based medicine for eye care

Disease keywords: glaucoma, myopia, keratoconus, retina (i.e., diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration)

Sarah Chaoying Xu__________ Degree(s)______MD_________
Title ___Resident Physician______________ Department ___Ophthalmology___________
Institution ___Mayo Clinic Hospital____________________________________
Street _____ 200 First Street SW ___________________________________________
City, State, Country, Zip ___ Rochester, MN, USA, 55905 ______________________
Fax ____ 507-284-4612__________ Telephone ____203-606-1278_________
E-mail address ___xu.chao@mayo.edu________________
Area of Research _____Neuro-ophthalmology, Glaucoma________________

Sarah Chaoying Xu,MD

Mayo Clinic Hospital

200 First Street SW

Rochester, MN, USA, 55905

PHONE 203-606-1278

EMAIL: xu.chao@mayo.edu

Area of Research :Neuro-ophthalmology, Glaucoma

Sarah Chaoying Xu__________ Degree(s)______MD_________
Title ___Resident Physician______________ Department ___Ophthalmology___________
Institution ___Mayo Clinic Hospital____________________________________
Street _____ 200 First Street SW ___________________________________________
City, State, Country, Zip ___ Rochester, MN, USA, 55905 ______________________
Fax ____ 507-284-4612__________ Telephone ____203-606-1278_________
E-mail address ___xu.chao@mayo.edu________________
Area of Research _____Neuro-ophthalmology, Glaucoma________________

Sally Ong, M.D.

Postdoctoral scholar, Department Ophthalmology

Duke University School of Medicine

2351 Erwin St,

Durham, NC, USA, 27710

Telephone 508-202-8469

E-mail address:sally.ong@duke.edu

Area of Research: optical coherence tomography, portable handheld OCT, Coats’ disease, ROP


Yang Lu, Ph. D

Post-Doc Research Fellow     

Department Beetham Eye Institute, Joslin Diabetes Center

Institution   Harvard Medical School

1 Joslin Place 

Boston, MA 02215, USA

Telephone 857-919-4174

E-mail address: Yang.Lu@joslin.harvard.edu

Area of Research: Retinal imaging, Adaptive Optics, Diabetic retinopathy



 Delu Song: MD, PhD                    

Research Associate/Instructor of Ophthalmology     

Department Ophthalmology

Institution    University of Pennsylvania

 304 Stellar-Chance Labs, 422 Curie Blvd 

Philadelphia, PA, USA 19104

Telephone 215-898-5354

E-mail address: delusong@upenn.edu

Area of Research: Retinal cell biology, complement regulation in the eyes, retinal iron metabolism.


Yu Su: MD, Ph.D

Postdoc follow, Ophthalmology

Schepens Eye Research Institute and Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Harvard Medical School

20 Staniford Street

 Boston, MA, the United States, 02114


E-mail address: yu_su@meei.harvard.edu

Area of Research: Be good at diagnosis and therapy for Macular diseases and Neuro-Ophthalmology diseases.



Zhengping Hu, M.D./Ph.D

Postdoctoral fellow, Ophthalmology

Schepens Eye Research Institute

20 Staniford Street, Boston, MA. United States. 0221

Telephone: 617-503-0640

E-mail address: Zhengping_Hu@meei.harvard.edu

Area of Research: Application of CRISPR/Cas9 in eye disease, Diabetic retinopathy, PVR


Raymond Ching-Bong Wong, PhD

Principal Investigator, Cellular Reprogramming Unit

Department of Ophthalmology

Centre for Eye Research Australia, University of Melbourne

75 Commercial Rd

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3004

Telephone: +61 3 85321962

E-mail address: wongcb@unimelb.edu.au

Area of Research: pluripotent stem cell, cell reprogramming, retinal biology, photoreceptors,

muller glias, gene therapy, transcriptomics


Albert Li,MD

Clicical fellow/instructor

Department of ophthamology

Washtington University School of Medicine in St.Louis

St.Luois,MO 63108

Phoen: 314-362-3937

Email: albertli@gmail.com


Ting-Chia Wong: B.S

Department: Faculty of Medicine

Institution: University of British Columbia

38-7233 Heather Street

 Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, V6Y4J8

Telephone: 604-732-3906

E-mail address: tingchia.wong@gmail.com

Area of Research: retina (proliferative vitreoretinopathy), translational research


Marco H.J1.MD

Postgraduate intern, Ophthalmology,

Catholic University of sacred heart

Largo Francesco vito 8   

Rome, RM, Italy, 00168

Phone: 39-3396516067

Email: marcoj1md@gmail.com

Area of research: retina, ROP, ocular image

Xiaohua Gong, Ph.D.


The Pamela and Kenneth Fong Chair in Optometry and Health Care

UC Berkeley - UCSF Bioengineering Graduate Program

The Berkeley Stem Cell Center

University of California Berkeley

Current Address:

693 Minor Hall, MC 2020, Berkeley, CA 94720

Tel: (510) 642-2491 Fax: (510) 642-5086

E-mail: xgong@berkeley.edu

Website: http://vision.berkeley.edu/gong/index.html

Area of research: cataracts, retinitis pigmentosa, age-related macular degeneration and presbyopia

Sha Ouyang, M.D. Ph.D. Candidate

Research fellow, Ophthalmology

Keck Medicine of USC, University of Southern California, USA

1450 Biggy Street

Harlyne J. Norris Research Tow

Los Angeles, CA 90033


Area of research: retinal cell biology, AMD